Educational material:
Some material I wrote for a first-year biochemistry course (Dutch).
October 2007 through 2011

The Gnuritas Project
Knowledge For A Better World
A project to create open-source frameworks for better information management. Started August 2007, currently inactive, hopefully to be resumed in 2012

Life & Complexity
Organisation, information and optimisation in real and simulated biological systems
August 2007

“Size does matter”
The possibilities of cultivating Jatropha curcas for biofuel production in developing countries.
A case-study report that explores the relationship between biofuel cultivation and food security.
December 2006

“Alice in Wonderland en de gespiegelde mesonen”
A Dutch popular science article about CP-violation in particle physics
Max Baak, Levien van Zon, Bram van den Broek
Published in “Natuur & Techniek”, January 2001

Garbage in Sri Lanka
An Overview of Solid Waste Management in the Ja-Ela Area.
October 2000