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Along the Pamir Highway

More pictures with this story:

Just months ago, I knew next to nothing about Central Asia. Probably like most people, I knew there was a group of countries just west of China, with names that all end in -stan. I was vaguely aware of a …


Adventures in online lectures

A few weeks ago I started teaching a mathematics-course for first-year biology students, as part of a larger three-month Systems Biology course at the University of Utrecht. A couple of years ago the university started to record a number of its lectures, which were then made available online for students …



Zo dat was een gezellig feestje in Den Haag: zo'n 15000 mensen die ongenuanceerde dingen roepen over het kabinetsbeleid, zoals dat hoort in een fatsoenlijke demonstratie. ;-) Des te opvallender dus dat de kamerleden van VVD en CDA op het podium schijnbaar geen beter argument wisten te verzinnen dan "economie gaat …


Changing the evolutionary dynamics of Influenza?

An interesting news-article appeared today, claiming a possible breakthrough in the development of a universal influenza vaccine. It describes the development of a new influenza vaccine at the Jenner Institute. Traditional influenza vaccines prime the adaptive immune system against the hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) proteins (the H and N …


Microsoft, ODF and the importance of Open Standards

This blog entry was originally written in April 2007.

As almost anyone will know, the de facto "standard" document format for the last decade or so has been the MS Word Document, or .doc file. Every week I receive dozens of .doc and .xls files per e-mail. And every now …


Food for Thought on Food

This blog entry was originally written in June 2008.

Although it has hardly received any media attention here amongst the hype of the European Soccer Championships, just over a week ago the FAO organised a big conference on World Food Security. As I had some trouble concentrating on my research …


CCC 2007

Coming to you live from the Chaos Communication Camp 2007, in Finowfurt, Germany.

I gave a talk entitled "Life & Complexity" here on Thursday. Some supporting material regarding this talk is available on this site.

Also check out my gallery and Paul's gallery for some nice pictures, and recordings of most …