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Installing and using fonts in Ubuntu

Older versions of Ubuntu (before 8.04) used to have a built-in font-manager that could be reached by browsing font:/// in the file-manager. However, when Gnome upgraded to their new gvfs in 2008, their font manager and viewer both stopped working. In current Ubuntu-versions, at least the built-in font viewer …


Ubuntu Repository


The original repository was getting a bit outdated. It was trailing a few Ubuntu-releases behind and only had i386-builds. You can still use it for Hardy or manually download packages (see below) for installation on newer releases, but I'm no longer going to maintain the old repository …


Hardware 3D acceleration on an ATI Radeon 9600 mobile

UPDATE (2010-08-25): This article describes how to configure Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) for stable 3D-acceleration and desktop-effects with ATI R300 series (Radeon Mobility 9600 and similar) GPUs. On recent Ubuntu versions (such as 10.04 LTS) this should work out of the box, and making modifications to xorg …


:Zolid/Kworld DVD maker (USB EM2861 video capture device) on Ubuntu Linux

Last year I bought a cheap :ZOLID High-Speed DVD Maker at Aldi. Of course it was only packaged with Windows software, so I spent some time researching how to get the thing to work on Ubuntu Linux. It turns out that the device is sold under a number of different …


DV video capture in Ubuntu

Update (2014):

In Ubuntu, DV video-capture over Firewire has basically been broken for normal users for the last 7 years or so. I've been unable to get Kino to work on Ubuntu 10.04 and onward, so I switched to dvgrab. If you run it with root-privileges (sudo dvgrab), it …


SAA7134 Remote Control on Ubuntu

On current Ubuntu versions (Edgy Eft and higher), the remote control on SAA7134 based TV-cards is automatically recognised by the kernel, and added as an event-device to /dev/input. This means that LIRC itself is not needed anymore, which is great because it's not very easy to configure. The inputlirc …